Los Angeles based quartet joined by some of the city's finest musicians to play a mix of Old School Funk, Soul and R&B with a modern edge.

Funk, Soul, Groove, Psychedelic, Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Latin

Alexander "Gonzo" Gonzalez, Nick Luca, Key Kim with Nick Lewis

Special Guests include:
Asdru Sierra (Ozomatli)
Tosgi Yanagi (Jimmy Kimmel Show)
Salvador Santana
Victoria Theodore (Stevie Wonder)
Daniel Pearson (Jennifer Lopez, Macy Gray)
Greg Esparza (Thee Midniters)
MC Destruct (Inner City Soul)
Paul Falcon
Uli Bella (Ozomatli)
Dave Shultz (Berlin)
Mandy Faddis
Rod Castro
Raul Pacheco (Ozomatli)