Like the city of Los Angeles itself, Gonzophonic is all about the mix: Funk, Soul Jazz, Latin Rhythms, Tasty Grooves and Dancin' Moves are the menu when Gonzophonic hits the stage.

Alexander "Gonzo" Gonzalez - drums
Local East LA drumming legend, Gonzo, has been playing drums professionally since childhood and has worked with Ozo Matli and Salvador Santana.

Nick Luca - guitar
Along with living in the South Bay and handling guitar duties, Nick writes much of the original music for Gonzophonic. He has been a musical member of bands such as Iron and Wine, Calexico and John Doe (X).

Key Kim - bass
Koreatown's own Key Kim is a sought after bassist known for laying down the smooth groove. He plays a slew of jazz gigs and don't be surprised if you see him backing singer/songwriters at LA's clubs.

Nick Lewis - guitar
Pasadena native and gunslinger guitarist, Nick Lewis, was a member of The Big Pill and regularly gigs with Fredo Ortiz's band, Bongoloidze

Paul Falcon - vocals and tenor saxophone
Hailing from Azusa, Paul is a go to woodwinds player for several big bands and combos. Also possessing a funky, soulful voice, Paul can really get the room on it's feet!

Special Guests include:
Michael Klooster (Smash Mouth)
Asdru Sierra (Ozomatli)
Tosgi Yanagi (Jimmy Kimmel Show)
Salvador Santana
Victoria Theodore (Stevie Wonder)
Daniel Pearson (Jennifer Lopez, Macy Gray)
Greg Esparza (Thee Midniters)
MC Destruct (Inner City Soul)
Uli Bella (Ozomatli)
Dave Shultz (Berlin)
Mandy Faddis
Rod Castro
Raul Pacheco (Ozomatli)